Monday, 7 April 2014


Do you want to know what I love and hate?
Watching tv shows and or books that make me want to do/ live what they are doing... less Game of Thrones/ Harry Potter and more Start Ups: Silicone Valley and Sex in the City.
I would love to start up my blog properly and have a following obviously but my life has no clear direction right now so it would be hard to find time around work, college and other social engagements so recently I've been spending more time writing- I've not been posting them because they're just for me at the moment but someday I might post them.
I find it so therapeutic to write about things as they come into my head so I'm going to try and do this more (anything to put off writing the essay due for this Thursday)

So what am I up to right now, I'm currently doing a part time course in my local college of which has granted me access into the course I want to do for next year. I am also working in a local dominos pizza- It's good and bad at times. I can't go into why I do and don't like it for contractual reasons but I'm happy working there. I'm also going to the gym and trying to eat better. The gym in the college i attend is free, I mean it has everything I would need but it's pretty basic according to other people. Eating better and more often is party because of the gym and party because I'm leaving on less than I usually am right now so making a kg of pasta that will last me a few meals is a great way to save money and shopping around to find the best deals is my new best friend.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Self Image.

My new years resolution this year was a few things;

  • Get fit
  • Eat better
  • Try to continue reading and try to become better spoken
  • Try to stay ahead of my classes if not up to date
  • try to be more normal
It's the last one that has been playing over and over in my mind for the last couple of months. As we approach March and my 23rd birthday I'm starting to think why, why should I be trying to be more normal. Why should I go around trying to impress people who don't care for me. Why can I not just be myself and accept that people might not like me but I find it hard. I was looking at myself in the mirror today and stood there for a while thinking 'If this was a mirror into the past would 5 year old, 13 year old, or even 18 year old Tommy like who I have become?' -It's a strange thought because I can never be sure what the answer would be. I need to work on my self image and take more time for people who take more time for me.
I'm tired of being there for people when they would not be there for me and hearing them complain about their friends who are not there for them.

I need to try harder for the people who try harder with me and leave the people who would leave me without a second thought.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The perks of being Tommy.

As this summer starts it always gets me into the mindset of more. More hanging out with friends and family, more working and more interests. I love to bake but since moving out I have been unable to bake more than once which displeases me. I also have let exercise slide lately so I need to get into that.
I always say I'm going to do something and never do.
I broke that this year by going to a festival. Planning and saving are not too of my strongest qualities but this year me and my friend Gerald will be going to the Isle of Wight festival which I am super excited for. More so for the fact I actually made a plan and followed through with it less for the line up even though it's awesome. Two of my favorite bands/ artists were playing but now are not. HAIM and Ke$ha which is annoying but there are so many other amazing people playing and the way I'm looking at it is. One band doesn't make a festival. The amount of times I have heard people come back from festivals such as oxegen saying that these bands are so awesome and then listing out about 12 that before the festival they either didn't know or didn't know too well. Also I have already seen HAIM.

In the last couple of days I noticed that I don't like a lot of things so I'm giving people and things more chances and less of judging. Like on small things that don't even matter I would decide that I didn't like them which would just become annoying like Coke Zero for instance, I had never tried it but didn't like the look of it since I have never really like diet drinks but tried it two days ago and found out it's lovely and I have coke to thank for putting my friends name on the bottle so I had to buy it to share with him. HA!

I think that is everything that I wanted to say. I'll try harder to keep in touch. xoxo

Monday, 15 April 2013

Say Anything

It was a great movie, Ione Skye's voice became irritating towards the end and John Cusack is probably the most flawless person ever in this movie. I didn't really like the way she did what ever her dad told her too like breaking up with him so so unnecessary and James Court was kinda annoying.
Best quote of the movie was:
Jim Court: You're not a permanent part of her life. You're a distraction.
Lloyd Dobler: I'm the distraction that's going with her to England, sir.
I was like, YES! It was so perfect because he was in love with Jims daughter and Jim was being such a dick to Lloyd and Lloyd was such a boss back!
Life of Pi, my review;
It starts so nicely and ends so weird. I was shocked and at times put off but I liked the book and would give it a 6/10 :)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

D.T.L.O. Tommy, My 12/12/12.

How to even explain my day and a bit in Dublin which isn't even over yet...
Firstly I almost missed the bus to Dublin and made it with seconds to spare and then ended up not having to pay for my ticket. Handy. When I get to Dublin I had to wait an extra hour from when the buses where meant to start and they actually did! I then asked the bus driver to tell me when DCU was and kept asking how much longer then he 'forgets' to tell me and If I hadn't noticed he probably would have left me stranded in Ballymun! Because the fool of a driver forgot to drop me where I needed to be I had to walk to the Helix when I decided to take a short cut which ended up maybe saving me about 20 seconds if I went the normal way and while this was happening I was making constant phone calls to Alan who was still asleep as it was around 6 in the morning.
When I finally get to the house I sit up with Alan talking about nothing and everything and I called Claire, who also goes to DCU, to come to Alans house and hang out. She was too busy so we go and hang out in the Hub and end up seeing Claire coming and try to open the door which she did successfully until about 2/3s of the way which it jammed and me and Alan where in stitches laughing at her who had not seen us at this moment and when she did she was even more embarrassed. ha! Me and Alan ended up sitting in the Hub selling tickets to the Yule Ball (A dance held by the Harry Potter soc) the next day and Alan leaves me for 10 minutes to get his hair cut and just as he is coming back people are asking me questions. I do not go to DCU and I am unable to attend the Yule Ball and I know very little about it and just as he walks over to me a group of three lovely people ask us a question which I would not have known the answer!

After this I got Starbucks to waken me up and fill me up a bit. The man who served me gave me the wrong drink but I didn't complain but I know I said a different flavour he was foreign, tired and very busy so I just took my drink and tried to drink it which usually would take me about 10 minutes at most took me the best part of an hour and a half and I threw the last 1/4 away. I also got a couple of cupcakes and a mince pie from a booth next to the Yule Ball table that was raising money to build wells in Africa while playing Christmas songs which at one point got changed to Dizzee Rascal which was a bit of a change to say the least but was put back to Christmas songs within a minute of the Dizzee song. I also bought two books and got a free bun with my purchases which I gave to Claire. I will talk more about the books later.**
I also got to see Claires apartment. It was nice :)
I then went to Alans study group which was closes followed by getting ready for Florence and downing a can and a half of energy drink and getting changed and then we went back to meet Claire and get the bus into Dublin city centre. The walk out to the O2 from O'Connell street is a very long walk and it took us so long! When we got there there was barely anybody there which we found weird. We queued and then we went into the priority queue and thanks to the gracious guy in front of me who kept me warm. hahaha, that sounds really weird but all that happened is I leant against his back to stay that tiny bit warmer!
Inside the concert we where all together and there was a lot of lovely people around us and Haim started and I had never head of them and they where so good! The bassist really looked like one of my friends, Shannan, and they where the only warm up band and they did a really good job! Florence came on what seemed like hours after Haim finished though and she came out with an unreal costume of a clown and her band where all fantastic (like normal) but they where dressed really well too! The pianist and the guitarist where my favourite costumes. They had such a good set like always! I really really didn't expect them to play Kiss With A Fist but omg when they did the crowd went mental! Such an electric atmosphere and apart from one girl (who pretended her friend was sick and about to pass out to try and get past us) the crowd was awesome. Okay, the reason I know that she was just trying to get past us was that as soon as we did move she said "score, I got to the front" and then me and this random guy on the other side of me pushed her back and she stood behind me bitching about me and the guy on the side of me to one of my good friends, Andrew, who then told us what she was saying after. I mean, what a bitch!
At one point Florence and Isa start rough housing and started rugby tackling each other and then went and jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed! What a hero! Sadly me and my friends where too far away from her to actually touch them but the it was still so awesome to see her doing it. She looked like she was going to cry so many times. It must be so emotional for her with it being the last Ceremonials gig ever and when she was saying goodbye and good night to us she was joined on stage by Haim and loads of people from back stage, like her team, all dressed in costume.
After the concert we went into Dublin City centre and went to Temple bar to a place called Madonnas. It was good for drinks and it was pretty good for music, better than many places actually but the place was tiny, packed to the brim with people, and was laid out weirdly like the toilets where right next to the DJ booth and the main entrance led straight to the dance floor and it was also the right between the two bars so it was people coming in, dancing and walking to the bar all in such a small, tight, cramped space. We left early as nobody was drinking any more and then we went to McDonald's and got a taxi home and nothing really happened after that. Ha. I hope you enjoyed reading this, like always leave me some feed back if you enjoyed it :)

** The books I bought were Terry Pratchett's Hogfather and The Man In The High castle by Philip K. Dick
and when I have read them I shall review them :)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Unprepared and scared

I am going to see Florence and the machine next week which is fancy dress... Which i kinda left to last minute...
So Im now only a couple of days away from it and Im really nervous that i will not have a costume that works with the theme. A friend of mine is planning on going as a queen and i am planning on going as a king. I hope to be updating you.guys in a couple of days with the news and scandal from Florence and if i ended up with a costume. :)